List of certifications we validate :

If your company conducts training in ICT or Business Technology topics, we would be happy to receive your demand to validate your course and support your company by issue certificate of completion to your candidates with valid online ID verification number. 

We validate and recognize ICT courses from the following categories:

  1. Networking 
  2. Cyber Security
  3. Developing & Programming 
  4. Telecommunication 
  5. IT Management 
  6. Business Technology 
  7. IT Audit

Other Video / Audio Engineering courses we validate for VTP such as:

  1. The basics of audio
  2. Installation and setup of audio stations
  3. MAO and DAW environment
  4. Sound in the cinema
  5. Audio over IP
  6. The creation of Radio / Web TV
  7. Sound engineering

We are open to any other categories in the future. 

Send us email now and request our partnership program “Verified Training Partner VTP” with IFGICT, we would love to help and support your company in building international credibility towards ICT Training.