ICT (Information & Communication Technologies) has developed into a serious success aspect for most of today’s businesses. ICT services need to be intended, implemented and maintained efficiently in order to keep delivering value to the business and at the end to the definite paying customers of the company. The ICT Standard for technology management is a business-oriented and practical ICT management structure for companies as well as public sector and non-profit organizations of all sizes.

The Green ICT Standard by the IFGICT is a set of sustainability standards dedicated to all Information and Communication Technology (ICT) products, services, and organizations that are  actively involved in ICT industry, either by the means of Research and development, manufacturing and end users. The Standard provides the basic criteria and detailed guidelines for manufacturers, service providers, and organizations to develop a sustainability strategy that enables them achieve the “Green Business or Green Government Certifications” Offered by the IFGICT.
Governments and Businesses complying with the rigorous and extensive Green ICT Standard criteria are awarded the Certified Green IT Business and Green IT Government post an extensive audit performed by the IFGICT representatives. Earning a green business designation from the Green ICT standard establishes that the certified government or business has taken a proactive approach to the overall environmental health of the greater world community and has assured the sustainable success of the government and business in conserving the environment and saving the future for the coming generations.

ICT standard


The technologies governed by standards are rapid shifting and the harms encountered in this discipline are difficult. Enterprises that work in areas where standards are well defined and used require an extremely specific expertise. 


The ICT Standard by IFGICT is focus more on ICT sectors, industries and e-business related area, and those areas are much more essential for structuring link with supply side by allowing worldwide procurement, out sourcing, manufacture and even R&D. This is definitely helpful for both products and service providers. 



With so many communities talking about sustainability, ICT standard by IFGICT carry much- desired precision to the discussion.


IFGICT’s ICT standards enables businesses to set up their future expansion around meeting end user expectations. They enable transparency concerning products and best practices for limiting their impacts.


In recent years, the business-to-business focal point of ICT sustainability standards has risen as it has turn into gain that customer require alone can’t force the transformation of most important sectors and industries, major brands and retailers are also starting to create commitments to certification in their entire supply chain or product offering, instead of a particular product line or component. 


The ICT Standard by IFGICT came across all production lines and manufacturing who are using Information and Telecommunication or Technology in their operations, to assure that their products / services is in alignment with world’s ICT Standard by IFGICT.  

ICT standard

ICT Standard Processes by IFGICT


ICT Standard by IFGICT used by organizations that allow them to achieve coherent quality management towards ICT. This, in turn, helps form satisfied employees and consumers, as well as continual improvement.

ICT Standard by IFGICT helps lots of companies / organizations in becoming more aware that their clients require a guarantee that the products and services they are looking to acquire will meet their quality requirements.

ICT standard

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