Joining IFGICT is joining the international community that’s influential standards of accomplishment across the IT industry, develop your profession, and play your part in delivering a brilliant and trustworthy digital future.

As professional member

1-Emphasize your professional truthfulness
2-Confirm your pledge to high standards of proficiency, accomplish and decent practice
3-Offer a consistent, independent support of your professional reliability and knowledge
4-Approve that you acknowledge your professional responsibility and constantly work with respect for community awareness
5-Attend IFGICT partners’ conferences with registration deduction and benefits the access to recent publications and research papers

As a company member partner

1-Building trust and credibility with your customers
2- Use our logo in your website and official printing as authorized company partner
2-Demonstrate your service / product is eco-friendly
3-Credibility in your brand & reputation
4- Receive online verified partnership ID
5-Your Company will be short listed by our federation’s website, thousands will trust your brand

IFGICT Membership Fee

Student / Individual Free
Company/ Institute / Org. Free

Company Partner + Certificate of Partnership

Price per Country GDP

(Contact us)
Institute/ Organization Partner + Certificate of Partnership 100$ USD
Larger Institute or University + Certificate of Partnership 500$ USD
Country Partner “Exclusive” (Contact us)
VTP + Certificate of Partnership 100$ USD
Certified Product Provider “PP” + Official Certification 200$ USD
Certified Service Provider “SP” + Official Certification 200$ USD
Green IT Professional Certification “GITP” + Book (e-version) 250$  USD
Strategic IT Professional Certification   “SITP” 350$ USD
Course / module / certification recognition & accreditation 20$ USD / Individual (Quantity  Contact us)