Exclusive Partnership

The Country Channel Partner status entitles to the following rights:

a.) To promote IFGICT’s services on its geographical territory based on written agreement between the IFGICT and local partner.

b.) To act officially as IFGICT country partner among public activities through government and private sectors

c.) IFGICT will provide a logo to the exclusive country partner to be freely used in any online or offline documents, presentations, business quotes, business cards, marketing materials, websites, email signatures, clothes, merchandising materials, etc

d.) IFGICT will provide a Channel Partner Exclusive Certificate as proof of the service distribution rights in his territory.

e.) Channel Partner will have email account @IFGICT.org with verified online ID

f.) Channel Partner will have 50% business model on each of IFGICT services / certifications

Exclusive Partnership Prices Category / Annaul

  1. As Exclusive Channel Partner for one territory / country Contact us 
  2. As Exclusive Channel Partner for two territories / countries Contact us
  3. As Exclusive Channel Partner for area territories / countries up to 6 countries  Contact us 
  4. IBP “International Business Partner” covering larger areas / countries Contact us