As an employer you must be conscious of the importance of hiring a well trained and certified candidate. In this era of increasing competition, it has become a ordinary incident of scam, where candidates present credentials which are not provable. However, as an employer you only want to hire an employee with valid training.

IFGICT Certifications

We are here to assist you in both cases. We offer a tune exactly catering for the requirement of employers and professionals the same. We take credibility in any training program and verification of training for superior authenticity of the credentials offered. This in fact is a unique service where everyone is a front runner.

We also provide official recognition services and certifications to training providers and companies that are not occupied in proper education or training. These companies may be a small- or large-scale group, but require having their training processes assessed and recognized.

We do not offer official approval services to any institutions engaged in formal training or education from any school, college, vocational college or university is considered as a proper education provider nor professional certifications bodies like “PMI, Oracle, Microsoft, IBM, CISCO…etc”

IFGICT Certifications

The official recognition is extremely cost valuable; the training organization simply pays for the audits and the review fees per course module per candidate; it is a smart choice: it is money well spent as the training provided by recognized entities is governed by global standards and best practices, so a high quality is naturally assured.

VTP vs VTC (Verified Training Partner vs Verified Trainer Consultant)

The IFGICT now is offering both Verified Training Partner and Verified Trainer Consultant, the Verified Training Partner is designed for companies and organizations while Verified Trainer Consultant is designed for qualified trainer consultant. The cost of VTP is 100$ as mentioned in this page , it comes with Certificate of Partnership as VTP and ability to add company’s logo on same IFGICT certification, however the VTC has no right to add any logo on IFGICT certificate since VTC is a person consultant not as company, and the of course there is no annual fee for partnership comparing to VTP but still there is 20$ per student / candidate to issue the certificate.

VTP Verified Training Partner VTC Verified Trainer Consultant
100$ Annual for Partnership No Annual Fee
Logo of Partner can be placed on IFGICT Certification No logo on IFGICT Certification
20$ to be paid per candidate / certificate 20$ to be paid per candidate / certificate
Certificate of candidate comes with online membership ID verification Certificate of candidate comes with online membership ID verification
VTP must submit course(s) material for validation by IFGICT committee VTC must submit course(s) material for validation by IFGICT committee

Process of Validation

The certification process is very effortless and direct :

  1. Training provider decides what courses want to submit for validation (we validate only ICT & Business Technology courses oriented) see list of topics we cover
  2. Training provider submit course material and exam model
  3. IFGICT Technical committee will audit and evaluate course content
  4. Upon approval by technical committee, IFGICT will approve and recognize the course provided by training provider
  5. IFGICT will approve and recognize the course content and short list training provider under the short listed training providers and partner’s webpage
  6. IFGICT will provide a validation registration number for online verification for each candidate along with authorization to use IFGICT logo as second stamp on course certificate
IFGICT Certifications
We charge only USD$ 20 / Candidate,Payment online

(Verified Training Partner annual fee is USD 100$ for Org. / Inst. & Companies who would like to verify / recognize their courses. Contact us and become Verified Training Partner VTP)

IFGICT Certifications

We realize and value the tough work and loyalty required providing excellent training and certifications to learners at all stages. Save for when it comes to individual trainers or training companies, there seems to be minor recognition at international levels. IFGICT training recognition and provide credibility for your hard work.

However to get the RECOGNIZED level, you need to understand our audit process and meet the terms of necessities. Once you receive the status, you will profit in numerous ways :

  • Your students will confidence your hard work more as you will be recognized individual or company.
  • You will have a great deal and superior service delivery as our audit process will certainly improve your training deliverance process to approximately ISO levels.
  • Our official recognition process is very cost valuable and offers a brilliant Return on Investment.