IFGICT Book Series

List of books published by IFGICT.

  • Green IT Professional (Book only 49 USD)

(Exam preparation book material to obtain Green IT Professional Certification)

Online Exam:  (Optional) Yes for interested candidate (250 USD including book + certification)

Pages: 200

  • The Revolution of IoT in Healthcare “How IoT empower Healthcare Smart City” (49 USD)

The book explains how IoT will empower the revolution of healthcare industry in smart cities.

Online Exam: No

Pages: 232

  • YouTube: How to Increase Traffic (4.99 USD)

The book demonstrates how to increase YouTube traffic with steps

Online Exam: No

Pages: 16

  • Basic Computer Security (4.99 USD)

This book explains basic steps and general guide on how to protect and manage the security system of any personal computer to avoid major hacks, malwares, spyware and viruses.

Online Exam: No

Pages: 24

  • Adware & Spyware Technical Report (9.99 USD)

This report explains the right approach on understanding one of major security issue regarding Adware & Spyware and recommended tools and technical advices

Online Exam: No

Pages: 41

  • Sustainable Development Goals Manager Certification (Book only 19 USD)

This Report explains Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and terms like “sustainability” would not exist if human action had not jeopardized the planet’s balance. To what extent does the presence of man alter a specific space?

Online Exam: Yes

Pages: 100