The ICT Award of Excellence by the IFGICT aims at recognizing and promoting exceptional information and communications technology (ICT) inventions and applications, by this means encouraging innovation and quality between world’s ICT talents, companies and government sectors in their solid search of productive and improved solutions to meet industry and social needs.

The ICT Award of Excellence by the IFGICT was established with the joint efforts of the industry, the academy and the Government, managed by the committee members of CIOs, CTOs, experts and advisers in the ICT industry from world’s most valuable associations and professional bodies.  The Awards aims at building a close by internationally celebrated mark of ICT awards.

ICT award

There are five categories under the ICT Awards of Excellence 2018. There will be single GRAND AWARD, an “Award of the Year” will be chosen from the five awards by the Distinguished Judging Committee.

This award will be awarded to single start-up ICT company which has demonstrated expansion within the society and has shaped a business model we consider can be winning in the future.

This award will be awarded to single pioneering product released with categories from hardware & software. The awarded product will have the prospective to influence businesses in the future and create impression in the lives of the society.

This award will be awarded to pioneered company who has contributed notably in the encouragement and growth of ICT in the society

This award will be awarded to IT Entrepreneurs who are drawing the bold lines of ICT. Their knowledge, proficiency and personality have thrilled entire generation of entrepreneurs.

Digital Governance award is for that exceptional organization that has been tangled in promoting and enabling digital governance through their public entity.

Business and organizational leaders from all over the world participate at this forum for the International Awards as an opportunity to make themselves part of this exclusive and prestigious international group.
The IFGICT Award of Excellence allows companies, institutions and organizations, from all market sectors, with national or international operations the opportunity to incorporate a excellence seal recognizing professional prestige. It becomes an approval for excellence for any organization in their commitment to achieve distinction, increase productivity and follow continuous improvement.

Excellence Criteria
To include all sectors, IFGICT proposes candidates based on the standards of the seven criteria that contribute to the successful accomplishment of Value Society:

  • Excellence
  • Innovation
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Technology
  • Leadership
  • Strategic planning
  • Business Results

Each application will be judged based on excellence standards.

 Selection Jury

The board of judges consists of a select group of professionals including engineers, executives and entrepreneurs who have significant experience in quality management with a thorough understanding of the current condition of standards, progress and technology.