IFGICT Coding Initiative

For Schools, Enterprises and Governments

Defining Coding

We’ve seen the trend for learning code. But what precisely is coding? Coding is what makes it achievable for us to build computer software, applications and websites. Your internet browser, your operating systems, the applications on your cell phone, Facebook, and this IFGICT website – they’re all built with code.

Looking for a job change?

The modest computer coding is pretty possibly one of the most underrated professions out there. There is a huge gap in coders in the international market, so you’ll have no difficulty finding a work. Actually, it’s expected to raise at a rate of 30% between 2010 and 2020 and over 40% to 2025 due to the use of A.I. applications…etc. . That’s double as rapid as most other jobs.

And since the supply of coders cross the globe is short, the pay is totally gorgeous too. Google, Yahoo, Twitter and Facebook workers, for example, are paid an approximate salary of $120K.

With some chance, you’ll be able to find out ways in which coding can improve your everyday life or work. You might work out on your own scripts, to execute custom tasks like gathering data, handling, editing text or doing mathematic formulas….etc

IFGICT provides list of courses and training programs in coding from beginners to advanced level through VTP Partners and online training sessions.

IFGICT Digital Passport & Coding

Working in coding with IFGICT is about finding IFGICT’s partner in your country / region (become VTP Partner) where VTP is in charge of developing courses and training programs in coding and other technology topics, and is authorized to conduct courses in coding under the approval from IFGICT in order to receive your digital passport and coding courses certification. More about Digital Passport can be found here.

Understanding how software and coding works is definitely valuable for anyone, in any walk of life. Interested in learning more about our initiative and online courses we provide / wanted to become VTP Partner, contact us.