The board of IFGICT announced officially the joining of two Vice Presidents to IFGICT board of directors, Dr. Kayyali, President of IFGICT mentioned” Two great VPs joined IFGICT board of directors, José Teixeira as VP of Industry and Dr. Martin Roberts as VP of Research, such joining will bring tremendous impact to IFGICT, VP of Industry will act to build potential relations with worldwide industries cross ICT and Technology Management firms, and the VP of Research will act to deliver with his committee members , one of the world’s finest forecast ICT report in collaboration with big brands ICT companies”

José Teixeira as VP of Industry

José Teixeira is a senior executive with extensive multicultural experience in leading companies and businesses, including restructuring and turnaround processes for multinational B2B and B2C companies such as ABB, Fanuc Robotics, Farnell Newark and Rittal Corporation.

He has work experience in multicultural profiles from Switzerland, Sweden, Japan, USA, Canada, UK, Italy, Netherland, German and South America, included also familiar company profile

With more than 30 years of career, sixteen of them as CEO Brazil or South America, he reached relevant results of commercial, and business development in a sustainable growth way, with strategic leadership skills in collaboration and a history of achievements in creating competitive advantage, increasing revenue and improving P&L. With his strategic vision differentiated and with a strong technical background has the ability to take complex decisions in a fast way

Recognized for being an aggregating leader, with a spirit of innovation and motivation, one of its strengths is people management focused on results and performance.

Driven by challenges, he is a high-performance team builder, dedicated to being a leader who contributes to his entire experience, being in fact a mentor and a coach for his team. He also works as an independent consultant focused on business diagnostics, organizational and operational restructuring, business strategy and business intelligence, mentoring, coaching and strategic management. With a bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering, with specialization in Electronics and The ABB Academy in Zurich.

Dr Martin Roberts as VP of Research

For over 20 years, Dr Martin Roberts has assisted both government agencies and commercial enterprises to modernize their statistical & computing products, processes and platforms. He has expertise in scientific programming, data modelling, statistical analysis and data management. He has a solid theoretical and practical experience in machine learning.

Now working as an independent consultant, his work includes leading the commercialization of statistical data from the General Authority of Statistics (GASTAT). As principal architect he is leading the development of a world-class statistical dissemination platform for survey and census data that uses Differential Privacy to ensure state-of-the-art confidentialization standards.

He is highly motivated. A problem-solver by heart. Loves learning and researching new topics. Has a passion for applying his analytical skills to extract meaningful business insights. He excels at conveying technical results to audiences of both technical and non-technical backgrounds.  He maintains a technical blog: and is the author and owner of three patent-pending inventions in graphical computing.

He is an avid evangelist and supporter of STEM education; is a fully qualified teacher, and has been involved with the state and national Mathematical Olympiad programs for over twenty years. He is always keen to work in a top quality multi-disciplinary and challenging research team, where he can apply his skills and contribute towards the betterment and benefit of the mankind. When he is not learning about the latest data science research and code frameworks

How to become IFGICT Certified “International Recognition”

If you are a company, you can become certified by IFGICT if you:

  1. Provide a services or Products not hazard to environment and running your business or industry using ICT technology, to apply and become Certified Product Provider (cost 100 USD only + certification)
  2. Company Partner, if you are a business technology consulting company, then you are eligible to become IFGICT certified partner and promote IFGICT services cross your region or country officially (Cost 100-500 USD depending on company size + certification)
  3. VTP, Verified Training Partner, if your company conduct training in ICT sector, you are eligible to become Training Partner by IFGICT, any ICT topics or related to business technology can be recognized by IFGICT and your students/candidates will receive official certification from IFGICT. (Cost 100 USD Only for company training partner) 

If you are individual and you have experience in IT/ ICT/ Business Technology, then you may apply and become:

  1. Green IT Professional Certified, you will become certified auditor and able to conduct audit based ICT Standard to companies, organizations and Government sectors. (Cost 250 USD Only + eBook + Certification)
  2. Strategic IT Professional, If you have more than 5 years experiences in IT/ICT, you will need to solve case problem given by IFGICT committee and become certified

If you are an organization or company / Government and wanted to become certified by IFGICT based ICT Standard Audit, then you will need to communicate with IFGICT. IFGICT in collaboration with Madrid, Spain Government and UPM, will host Int. Summit Conference on ICT, the World’s Biggest ICT Summit, industries and government are invited to participate and give presentations , receive awards by visiting