If you are looking forward to excel and mark your presence in the organization you are working at, being a Strategic IT professional certified may be just the way. An employee with strong certifications is viewed as an asset by an organization and maybe awarded with challenging project assignments. Strategic IT Professional Certification justify your zeal to excel in your career and give your best performance to the organization.

Strategic IT Professional “SITP” will be among the highest level in all IT certifications. Let’s look deeper. No preparation materials, No online platform exam. You must be ICT expert, if the SITP committee team recognizes that you are worthy, you can start your exam interview. The exam is a live board review with ICT engineers and experts from world-wide ICT industry. After a few hours of talking and solving many surrealistic, high-level problems you can be proud. You are SITP “Strategic IT Professional”.

So what are the basic equipments to become certified? Here are some of the points to consider:

  • Have accomplishments that have contributed importantly to the advancement or application of ICT industry, bringing the realization of significant value to society;
  • Demonstrate at least 10 years of approved experience in ICT field / industry
  • Demonstrate underpinning knowledge and understanding through the production of  ICT
  • Applicant will be asked to demonstrate that they have writing a case solving report synopsis.

When you are vying for higher roles, you would have to add these competencies to your skill matrix. Understanding requirements, problem-solving, proactive approach are some of the competencies you need to have; you not only add value to your professional profile, but your organization’s professional profile as well, especially with respect to your clients. An organization having SITP certified professional acts as a reassurance to clients of handing over their project to experts.

Strategic IT Professional (SITP) is an award granted to ICT experts who have made “extraordinary accomplishments” in the ICT fields of interest

So Do You Want To Be a Legend?