Importance of Cyber Security Standards

Many organizations globally build up their data storage, collection, and investigation competencies. However, with the increase of such collections, the chances of cybersecurity events tend to enhance on an advanced level. An incredible number of hacking practices are employed by novel criminals to access the crucial setup and complex data storages.

Organizations that don’t pay attention to the security of their data stores and use passive methods to manage risks usually put their crucial information to data robbery and misuse. Thus, to reduce the risks of privacy breaches and data loss, organizations must maintain their information security standards to be aware of the latest advances in the information technology field. Numerous organizations worldwide provide certifications for cyber security professional. The most practical cyber security standard around the world is International Federation of Global and Green ICT (IFGICT).

Along with standards, cybersecurity standard certifications are of great importance. Therefore, its best for an organization to follow the cyber security standards summarized in the NIST’s SP 800 series and ISO/IEC 27000rules. Also, choose IT professionals having IFGICT certifications.

Why IFGICT Cyber Security Standard

The organizations who fail to take into account the increased potential risk to their data and only employ passive cybersecurity measures will end up discovering the hard way. The only way to adequately protect your data from cyber criminals and avoid dangerous privacy breaches which can lead to data loss is to always maintain information security standards at all times.

Fortunately, there are businesses that help ensure other businesses are able to keep up with the latest industry standards. These certifications are based in the standards established by the International Federation of Global and Green ICT (IFGICT).

IFGICT is providing comprehensive audit processes to adapt any size of any company such as SME and Large size companies including organizations and government. Therefore, the IFGICT cybersecurity standard is the only standard that gathered both IFGICT Self Security Assessment Tool and IT Security Standard Audit based ICT manual of IFGICT. In addition to IFGICT Annual Internal Security Audit Checklist.

IFGICT Standards based IMS / EMS
Basic Procedures to became quality certified by thr IFGICT